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G-p-tuss dxp

Generic Name: dexbrompheniramine, dextromethorphan, and phenylephrine (dex brom feh NEER a meen, dex tro meh THOR fan, and feh nill EFF rin)
Brand Name: Alahist CF, G-P-Tuss DXP, Panatuss DXP, Supress A Pediatric
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Drug Information:
Dexbrompheniramine is an antihistamine that reduces the effects of natural chemical histamine in the body. Histamine can produce symptoms of sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and runny nose. Dextromethorphan is a cough suppressant. It affects the signals in the brain that trigger cough reflex. Phenylephrine is a decongestant that shrinks blood vessels in the nasal passages. Dilated blood vessels can cause nasal congestion (stuffy nose). G-P-Tuss DXP is a combination medicine used to treat runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, itching, watery eyes, cough, and sinus congestion caused by allergies, the common cold, or the flu. Learn more

G-p-tuss dxp Side Effects

G-P-Tuss DXP Side Effects

Note: This document contains side effect information about dexbrompheniramine / dextromethorphan / phenylephrine. Some of the dosage forms listed on this page may not apply to the brand name G-P-Tuss DXP.

Applies to dexbrompheniramine / dextromethorphan / phenylephrine: oral liquid, oral syrup, oral tablet


Do not use this medicine if you have used an MAO inhibitor in the past 14 days, such as isocarboxazid, linezolid, methylene blue injection, phenelzine, rasagiline, selegiline, or tranylcypromine.

Do not use cough or cold medicine to make a child sleepy.

Get emergency medical help if you have signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficult breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Stop using this medicine and call your doctor at once if you have:

  • fast, pounding, or irregular heartbeats;

  • shortness of breath;

  • severe dizziness or nervousness;

  • little or no urination;

  • trouble sleeping; or

  • increased blood pressure--severe headache, blurred vision, pounding in your neck or ears, anxiety, nosebleed.

Common side effects may include:

  • flushing (warmth, redness, or tingly feeling);

  • dry mouth, nose, or throat;

  • feeling nervous, restless, or irritable;

  • dizziness, drowsiness;

  • feeling restless or excited (especially in children);

  • loss of appetite;

  • blurred vision; or

  • sleep problems (insomnia).

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects.

Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.

Some side effects may not be reported. You may report them to the FDA.

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