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CancerGuide’s Privacy Policy

The Short Version

CancerGuide is a non-profit service. The last thing I want to do is invade anyone’s privacy – you have nothing to worry about as far as CancerGuide and your privacy goes… well except maybe just a little if you e-mail me.

Information Collected About My Readers

I make no attempt to collect personally identifiable information on the people who view my web page. I do occasionally view web server logs which can reveal information on your IP address, what browser you are using and the like. Under no circumstances is this information used to try to identify you personally! CancerGuide does not make use of “cookies” and does not track repeat visits.

If You E-Mail Me (Steve Dunn)…

… then obviously I have your e-mail address, your name, and any other information you choose to include, including sensitive medical information. Normally, I do not share this information with anyone but there are some rare exceptions.

If you write me for help about cancer, sometimes I will try to hook you up with someone with special information about your situation, such as another patient dealing with the same cancer, or a professional, or another person with special knowledge. Normally, I will ask you before I give any identifiable information (such as your name or e-mail address) to anyone else, but once in a while, if I judge that it’s a sufficiently urgent matter, or if I simply err, I may give out the information before I’ve gotten your permission.

On very, very rare occasions when the return e-mail address was incorrect, and where I thought it might be possible to figure it out, I’ve taken the liberty of doing a little “detective work” to find the person who emailed me. Depending on what information I have from the original e-mail, this has involved searching phone directories and calling people with a name and location match until I found whoever had contacted me, calling or emailing the person’s Internet Service Provider based on the return domain name, and even calling employers. This sort of thing has become increasingly rare because these days it seems almost everyone has their return e-mail address configured correctly!

If You E-Mail Another CancerGuide Author

Various articles, including the survivor stories, have been contributed by other authors. Should you E-Mail any of these authors, I can make no guarantee whatsoever how your information will be treated.

Commercial Use of Information

CancerGuide is a non-profit service. I don’t use or share personally identifiable information about my readers or correspondents for commercial purposes. Period.

How to Contact Us
If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, or if you would like us to update information we have about you or your preferences, please contact us by:

Email: [email protected]